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Why Oventech

From cleaning your oven to a spotless finish, changing lightbulbs, minor repairs and advice on all ovens, Oventech has been a wealth of information to many people over the years. Operating since 2010 and serving the local community throughout. Oventech covers most of West Kent and East Sussex.

Green Decision

With more primitive cleaning solutions on ovens, the products were corrosive which meant ovens received a great clean, but humans and pets had to be very wary at the time of cleaning. What happened to the residue afterwards had to be a major consideration. Oventech was born out of a more 'greener' age when the 'non-corrosive' cleaning material was developed.

Local Cleaning

There are many companies that offer to clean your oven within your searches online. We like to think we offer the best price for a local business. Your oven will be clean and you can even sit and watch as the chemicals used are safe. Our vehicle contains all that is needed to clean your oven so all that is needed is a little power to warm it and the rest is up to us. Being local also reduces the carbon footprint of our business.